About Me

I’m a new mom to a baby boy, former PhD scientist, scientific editor, translator (German), digital nomad and avid traveler.
I’m dedicated to raising an open-minded, global citizen who appreciates science, language, food, and culture, while continuing to enjoy travel, food, and social activities myself, unapologetically pursuing my own passions while raising my little boy.
I have a PhD in molecular biology and genetics, with much of my research experience focusing on developmental and behavioral neuroscience. I am not afraid to call out the BS that I see in popular science, and I am passionate about expanding scientific knowledge. It is absolutely critical for as many people as possible to understand and benefit from what we have learned in research.
I will post a lot about travel, but travel from my perspective, not from a family perspective necessarily, because one of my main missions in this parental life experience is not losing myself in the process. I will report on family travel and individual travel as I have experienced it.