There’s Breastmilk in my Vitamix

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Something to think about if you’re ever invited over for daiquiris. There has been quite a bit of breastmilk in my Vitamix as I have begun my baby food-making experiment.
I have been rather unsuccessfully starting my 6-month-old baby on solid foods for the past two weeks or so, and while the results have been entertaining, we have not been making much headway. We’re working on it though, and I actually don’t think it’s that uncommon to have a slow start. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.
I didn’t want to start him out on cereals, much to the horror of my grandmother and other old school mothers who have asked about when he was going to start eating solids. In fact, I was feeling pretty harassed for not starting solid foods earlier than 6 months. My mom was bugging me so much about giving him solids that I had to threaten her visitation rights to make sure that she did not feed him in my absence. Apparently I was eating ice cream and all kinds of things when I was 4 months old. Don’t care. My kid, my rules.
I wanted him to try a variety of vegetables first because cereals are boring, and since he is still on breastmilk supplemented with formula, he really doesn’t require fortified cereals right now. I want him to get used to tasting different flavors from nutrient-rich vegetables rather than nutrient-poor carbohydrates having to take center stage at every meal.
We’re going to keep on truckin’, but for now, these are the tools that I’m using:
Vitamix – I bought my Vitamix when I was pregnant to try to sneak in more fruits and veggies in the form of smoothies. But then, I got gestational diabetes, and that was out the window. After the Little was born, I used it to make lactation smoothies, which helped me get enough calories to sustain as much breastfeeding as I could muster. Now, I’m using it to make batches of baby food. It is awesome, and I love it. If you can splurge, I would. My particular model heats for soup making and chills for desserts. I also really wanted something that would crush ice without a problem for cocktails.
Ninja Express Chop – I use my Ninja for quick on the spot baby food prep when I’m not planning to freeze the rest. This works especially well for avocado, which baby loves but does not freeze well.
Oxo Baby Blocks for Food Storage – I have the 4 oz. and 2 oz. containers, and I absolutely love them. I didn’t want to use ice cube trays because I wanted containers that I could thaw individually using the same container. There were just too many logistical disadvantages to ice cube trays, and I really wanted to get into baby food making, so it was worth the $20. These are great quality, and the lids come off and seal really well.
Bamboo bowl and spoon – Kind of impractical because they can’t go through the dishwasher, but great quality and design. This was a purchase based on style, and I do love this little bowl. I’d like to get the accompanying plate when he graduates to more food. The bowl adheres well to the high chair tray, and baby loves to teeth on the spoon.
High Chair – I was looking for something stylish in a high chair as well. It just so happens that this high chair is also very versatile. It has an inset for smaller babies that can be removed when they grow. When he gets bigger, the legs shorten for use as a kid’s chair. The tray is also removed very easily, and the legs splay out wider than most, which makes this chair super stable. It comes in really pretty colors too.

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26 Replies to “There’s Breastmilk in my Vitamix”

  1. I loved the Beaba Babycook Pro, I used it to make baby food for my infant home daycare. With 3 babies, I couldn’t afford to run out of baby food. #DreamTeam

    1. I freeze as much as I can when the veg or fruit freezes well, so I’m hoping not to run out. I didn’t see the baby food-specific systems until after I got my Vitamix, but I made so many lactation smoothies, it was worth having something that could make other things. Also, I really wanted something that crushed ice well. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Ha ha this really made me laugh – imagine?! You sound like the weaning pro by the way! #DreamTeam

    1. Thanks! It has gotten to be more fun now. 🙂

  3. Keep on it! We mixed stewed fruit like apples in with the veggies which worked. I also used the NurtiNinja Bullet for shakes and doubled up its purpose for baby food. It made it super easy. #DreamTeam
    Become Mum recently posted…Getting ready for Round TwoMy Profile

    1. I’ve found anything mixed with banana and avocado is working pretty well. He really hates oatmeal though. It doesn’t taste like anything, so I don’t know what his problem is!

  4. Our littles started with avocado, and bananas. the Mrs., she made the baby food too. She also nursed past the teeth and all! Oy. Good for you making fresh and wholesome. Packaged products are so scary these days! A little breast milk never hurt any smoothie! Have fun and you will all enjoy! #DreamTeam

    1. Yeah, I figured that he didn’t need all the junk that was in prepackaged baby food and was inspired by a cookbook I read where the author actually tasted all of the premade baby food herself. It was so disgusting that she wanted to make sure that her baby was finding out what real food tasted like by making her own. Thanks for commenting!

    2. Avocados and bananas have definitely been the biggest hit so far. I agree. I don’t feel like they need extra preservatives and whatever else when buying fresh is actually cheaper. Thanks for commenting!

  5. I expressed milk for nearly all my kids first tastes, carrots, bananas and even spinach all seemed to go down well! #DreamTeam
    Our Cherry Tree recently posted…How to enjoy Mum and Toddler groupsMy Profile

    1. Yeah, I was definitely hoping that breastfeeding would help with weaning. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Weaning is so much fun! I used something similar to the oxo food storage. It’s makes sense and you can freeze them too. Good luck on your weaning journey. Fun times ahead. #DreamTeam
    Annette, 3 Little Buttons recently posted…#DreamTeam Linky 38My Profile

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I really love the oxo system. Weaning is really fun, and he’s getting the hang of it a lot better now! Thanks for commenting.

  7. I waited until 6 months to start mine on solids too and we had slow starts – in fact neither BB or Little B ate proper meals until I stopped breastfeeding them. They get all they need from the milk #ablogginggoodtime
    Crummy Mummy recently posted…5 of the best no-cook baby weaning foodsMy Profile

  8. Loved the “my kid my rules” wish I’d been that confident Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime
    Catie: An imperfect mum recently posted…#ablogginggoodtime #39My Profile

  9. The vitamix looks amazing. I need one. I’ve got a cheap hand blender, which is fine, but nowhere near as exciting. “My kid my rules” is a phrase I need to steal I think! #coolmumclub
    Kelly | and Jacob makes three recently posted…Breastfeeding—the 7 month updateMy Profile

    1. It is amazing. I haven’t found anything that it has struggled with so far. Even using it to make oat and rice flour for baby food!

  10. The Ninja Express Chop…I love that name! I need one of these in my life…maybe a ninja too…as I forever feel like I am chopping! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely x
    Talya recently posted…6 reasons why mums love prosecco – plus win a case of Sensi 18k Gold prosecco!My Profile

  11. Ah, weaning is so tricky indeed!
    I really need to try a Ninja…

    1. Yeah, it’s my short cut when I don’t feel like cleaning the Vitamix. 🙂

  12. Ah I loved the first few months of weaning – we did baby-led weaning so skipped purees altogether. It was still a slow start as I think he preferred breastfeeding so we just went at his pace and it really worked. Good luck with the rest of your journey, it will be lots of fun!

    1. Yes, it is really fun!

  13. Ah I remember those days, I started Bear on mashed carrots which he wasn’t too enthused about, then I tried sweet potato he liked that much more. He really liked porridge as well but again this has changed! : ) we also tried baby led weaning which has worked wonders! Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!
    The Mum Project recently posted…#StayClassyMama Link Party No. 54My Profile

  14. It took Rory such a long time to get into solids I still think it’s because I started too soon. Like you I was getting lots of pressure to try him and I really think he wasn’t ready. I wish I’d stuck to my guns and waited #stayclassymama
    Becky Clark recently posted…The Big Brother QuestionnaireMy Profile

  15. It sounds like you have it sorted and I totally agree with you on waiting until baby is 6 months to wean. I started with veggies and then fruits because my kids were so fat on breastmilk the advice was to stay away from food that would make them even fatter. LOL! Thank you so much for sharing with #StayClassyMama

  16. I found weaning with my second much more difficult than my first. Even at six months we didn’t make much progress at all. She got there in the end though! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx
    The Tale of Mummyhood recently posted…#Blogstravaganza #18My Profile

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